We’re loving fantasy football!

Dream Draft FootballHere at Merryn Magazine, we have to admit that we’re not really that knowledgeable when it comes to football. Besides knowing that there are 11 men on the pitch per team, that’s about as far as it goes. We’ve heard about fantasy football before, so we were interested to hear about a new kind of fantasy football: Dream Draft Football.

Dream Draft Football say on their website,

“Are you tired of the same old fantasy football format where you and your friends end up having all the same players?

Well Dream Draft Football is here to change all that!

At Dream Draft Football you can compete with your friends and you each have your own unique teams in the form of the all-important draft at the beginning of the season!

You and your friends take it in turns to choose your desired players and we can organise this all for you with our online draft system (or if you prefer you can organise your own draft day with your friends and then input your teams to the website!)

Here at Dream Draft Football we play a head-to-head format between users*, the season is a constant battle to reach those all so important play-offs!

Whoever is in the top 4 in gameweek 36 then play semi-final and final matches in the last 2 gameweeks of the season! (There is also a losers match…but you’re not going to be interested in that!)

*If you prefer you can still play a regular head-to-head league without play-offs involved.”

You can click on a player’s stats and this will give you information on things like, how many minutes they’ve played or goals scored in a specific past game.

If you’re into football, it’s definitely worth signing up. We definitely need a Team Merryn! 🙂

You can find out more below:

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