“Cornwall Crowdfunder aims to provide free children’s books”

We spotted a great article in the Cornish Guardian just now, “Cornwall Crowdfunder aims to provide free children’s books“. A gentleman called John Lakey is trying to raise funds via Crowdfunder to convert an old market barrow into a mobile library. He wants to encourage young people in Cornwall to get into reading from a young age and realised that offering free books will inspire youngsters to read. Reading is such an important part of daily life, and it is wrong that in 2016, some children will leave school with a lower reading ability than they should have.

Once they have the barrow, he is planning to take it to events such as fairs and carnivals, as well as creating book bags containing free books.

We think it’s a great idea! If you wanted to support John and his mission, you can donate via his Crowdfunder link here.

Issue 1 – how’s it coming?

On Friday (in 2 days), it will be 8 weeks until the first issue of Merryn Magazine comes out. Eek! Since the idea of the magazine was ‘born’ if you will, it’s been a crazy ride and we are so excited to show you the fruits of our labour! The original plan was to have 100 pages of content, but as there are so many fabulous people we want to feature, it’s going to be way longer than that, which is great news!