New Music Friday: Mark Nevin

We’ve been fans of Mark Nevin’s work for years as we were first introduced to his music via his band Fairground Attraction in the 1980s. Their song Perfect, which was written by Mark, went to number one in the UK in 1988 and stayed in the charts for a total of thirteen weeks, and even won a Brit award in 1989 for ‘British Single’. They went on to release three further singles Find My Love, A Smile In A Whisper and Clare. The band broke up in early 1990 but Mark has continued to write and record.

His fifth solo album, My Unfashionable Opinion, has been released today (24th March 2017) and it is simply brilliant. From the opening track of the same name, to the very poignant Clown, to Forgotify (which is a real website we’ve now learned), every track is fantastic. We were lucky enough to listen to the album before release and we literally had it on repeat. There isn’t one track we’d skip and each song is a beautifully woven piece of craft.

We caught up with Mark, to find out more about him and his latest album.

You can read the full interview over at Merryn Music:

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