Read issue 1 here

New cover

The big day has finally arrived: issue 1 of Merryn Magazine is now available to read online!

Featuring interviews with:
* Hope & Gloria
* Alfie Moon Designs
* Present Purrfections
* The Recipe Giftbook
* Sweet Pizzas
* The Artisan Collective
* Kempadoo-Millar
* Sugar & Sloth
* How Dare She?
* Roxiie’s Treasures
* Choc On Choc
* Men’s Finest Pocket Square
* Starlit Forget Me Not Angel Clothing
* C.A.K.E Cosmetics
* Bristlr
* Samantha Ward Aesthetics
* Vintage Victory Rollers
* Signature Soaps

Plus, we have lots of adverts for fabulous independent retailers, and events taking place throughout April, May and June.

You can take a peek at issue 1 here: